Welcome to Studio Rai29. We are a new studio with a focus on muscular, manga men. Our goal is to collaborate with artists from around the world and distribute products, both digital and tangible goods, based on their works.

The name Rai29 is a combination of two Japanese words. Rai meaning thunder or lightning and the number twenty nine (29, pronounced niku) is a homonym for meat, or in this case the niku in the Japanese word meaning muscle, kinniku.

Have you met the sexy fellow at the top of this site? His name is Rai and he's our mascot! We don't know where he came from. He just showed up one day and started to hang out! His many hobbies include going out on adventures and answering fan-mail when he receives it!


Studio Rai29 is a new studio that offers products featuring gay, muscular manga men to customers. How can we help you today?